What to expect during your first visit

Your first appointment will usually take around 1 hour depending on the complexity of the case. During this time your chiropractor will:

Take details of your current complaint.
Take a full case history regarding your general health background.
Ask details about your hobbies, occupation, previous accidents and lifestyle, in order to assess how you use your body.
Carry out neurological and orthopaedic testing which will help identify the cause of the problem and aid in the development of a working diagnosis and treatment plan.

The chiropractor will then talk through the diagnosis and treatment plan with you and answer any questions you may have They will not commence any treatment before gaining your consent to treat.

Post treatment advice

You will receive postural advice after the treatment to help your body get the most benefit from the adjustments and to raise your awareness of simple things that you may doing every day which may be exacerbating your problem.

You may be given some exercises or stretches to undertake at home to enhance your treatment in-between sessions if your chiropractor feels that this is of benefit to you.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions required varies considerably depending on:

Your age: you generally heal more slowly as you get older.

The nature of the problem: a simple backache will often clear more quickly than a sciatic problem.

How long you have had the problem: generally, yesterday's injury will resolve faster than one of 20 years' standing.

Most patients need between three and six sessions at weekly intervals, but your chiropractor will give you a better idea of the proposed treatment plan after they have examined you at the first session.

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