Unfortunately one sunny sunday whilst lifting some very heavy paving
slabs in my garden I suddenly began to feel extreme pain and
tightening in my back and before I new it I was bent over in total
agony. I have always had aches and pains but this was different I
could barely walk and was in continuous pain. My wife started to ring
chiropractic clinics leaving messages in hope that some one would see
me the next day. Bearing in mind that this was a Sunday I was
surprised when Hilary returned our call almost immediately and after
listening to what I had done and asking me some questions she made
time to she me first thing in the morning when her clinic opened.
During my initial assessment Hilary explained to me the damage which
my back and muscles had sustained and to make it even more clearer she
used a model of the spine to show me.

I work as a fire fighter so it is very important that I am fit and
strong whenever I am on duty and just after a few sessions with Hilary
I was back to work. Up until that day I probably took my back for
granted as i'm sure many of us do. Hilary did not just fix my back
physically she also helped by educating me in ways that I can prevent
it from ever happening again including giving me simple exercises to
do at home to keep my back in good health.


Why did I need a Chiropractic Clinic?

• Pain in my back neck and shoulders
• I wanted to resume my hiking
• I wanted my life back!
• I wanted to run around with my granddaughter

Why did I choose Hilary Royall?
My husband who is a golfer had almost given up on his favourite sport due to a trapped sciatic nerve. He could not swing a club and he was having problems in walking. Hilary was inviting golfers for a free spinal check so Brian took this opportunity to see if anything could be done, (very sceptical I may add,) not believing one moment that she could do anything for him. He was completely out of alignment with a dropped hip and many more problems. After a few treatments he is back playing golf. The only grumble was that Hilary couldn't make his golf game any better than it was prior to his bad back!!! Brian cannot praise Hilary enough for the treatment and also the knowledge she has given to him on how to go about day to day activities to protect his back and spine .

After seeing the improvement in my husband I did not give it a second thought and went to see Hilary.

She gave me a 2 hour consultation taking in all my medical history and then gave me the same spinal check she gave my husband. Without going into all the details she started my treatment. I have never looked back, I now do my power walking, hiking most weekends and rolling around on the floor with my granddaughter. I try to do the exercises Hilary gave me but she knows that I don't always do them (Sorry.)

Brian and I both see Hilary now every couple of months (just to keep us in alignment.) It's great to know she's only a phone call away if ever we need her. I have suffered with a problem back for years and have been to many "Back People" but I have never found anybody so easy to talk to and so knowledgeable in the Chiropractic Profession, I also would highly recommend Hilary to anyone as I am now able to confidently go about my daily activities pain free.

Thanks Hilary
Mo and Brian Lawfull

Dear Hilary
Thank you so much for such a thorough "MOT" and treatment yesterday - probably a good few years overdue. I am certainly feeling the benefits this morning in my back and arm and had a very relaxed nights sleep - the first in a while.

A quick thankyou for the wonderful difference you have made for my frozen shoulder and neck pain. I now have no pain and full mobility back and can once more tackle the gardening. If anyone else has this- book a session now! I will also be back for a sports massage after the next garden project….

I have got to that stage in life where the body is not keeping up with what I ask it to do - having had several problems in my back and shoulder recently, I am delighted to say that after just a couple of sessions you have successfully fixed those and I am following your advice on how to avoid causing myself any more damage in future!

To whom it may concern, I have been under the care of Hilary Royall for severe back & knee complaints. I have been extremely impressed with her professionalism, knowledge & expertise resulting in improvement in the symptoms & greater mobility.
I could not recommend her highly enough, at consultation she assessed my individual needs, fully explained the treatment plan & was at all times very sensitive & caring.
Geoff Yeates

I have had problems with my neck for some time but since coming to Hinksey Chiropractic things have dramatically improved. I would highly recommend this clinic.
Robert Hicks

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