How does it work?

Your spinal column is made up of 24 movable vertebrae, the sacrum, and the coccyx. This column houses the spinal cord through which nerve information is transmitted around the rest of your body.

Whilst the spinal column maintains correct alignment, nerve information is passed accurately. However, if any part of your spinal column becomes misaligned then a nerve may become impinged, compressed, or stretched, distorting the information that passes along it. This can lead to pain, discomfort, or restricted mobility.

McTimoney chiropractors use only their hands to make adjustments to the bones of your body. The key to the success of the adjustments is in the speed, dexterity and accuracy with which they are performed.

Chiropractic is suitable for all ages from the very young to the elderly:

Office workers who may experience neck and wrist problems from using a computer all day
Manual workers with back, shoulder and neck problems from carrying heavy loads
Sports people
Mums and Dads with backache from carrying young infants and picking up after their children
Pregnant women with pelvic discomfort
School children carrying heavy bags and paper deliverers with shoulder and back pain
Older people who are feeling less supple and have general aches and pains




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